I am submitting a story (or, arguably, eight) to Sci Phi Journal, a magazine of thoughtful science fiction. The story has actually been finished for some time, and it is only now that I have gotten the mental and emotional energy to continue with it. (Such is Bipolar II).

The title? A Fractal of Eight Tragedies in Fifteen Parts.

Progress report!

Currently The City and the Dungeon is undergoing a number of small revisions, due to the helpful advice of my writer’s group. There will be, God willing, more news either later this month or in December.

I have a number of other, small projects. One may also appear in about the same period (God willing) and the others… We’ll see. One story in my mind may be too long to be a short story (or even a novella?)

Fiction Review: Aurora, by Kim Stanley Robinson

Check out my review policy for a few disclaimers before proceeding.

Content warnings: Violence, sex as banally noted by a computer, swearing, but more importantly, a dreary philosophy that pervades the whole book.

I add three more disclaimers to this review. First, that this is a negative review. I generally do not enjoy negative reviews, because, having read them, I am predisposed to dislike the work reviewed, or consider its flaws worse. This is, in fact, a very negative review, and if you liked Aurora you may be better off reading some other post that flows from the unlimited fountains of the Series of Tubes.

Second, this review must inevitably be spoilery, due to the nature of the book’s great pervasive flaw. It in fact must spoil the great plot twist that ruins the book. However, since this review is why I recommend against reading this book, I must bring it up.

Third, this review is of a book, not the author. I don’t know what the true views of Kim Stanley Robinson are, but the views espoused by the book itself are the main reason why I disliked the book. Please keep this in mind.

That said, here is my complaint, helpfully hidden behind this read more tag:

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